Flood Damage Tips

We discuss what to do if you experience flood damage.

Are You Experiencing Flooding? – Water Damage Tips

Flooding of your home or business usually happens very unexpectedly. If you’re experiencing any kind of flooding in your home, such as basement flooding, you’re not alone. About 14,000 people experience water damage on their properties each and every day.

Flooding can be caused by any number of things including a leaking pipe, a broken water heater or a natural disaster. Once every few decades a massive event such as the Anaheim Flood of 1938 can occur, causing record damages and losses. We’ve put together some water damage tips to help you respond quickly and effectively to any water damage emergency situation.

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Flood Damage Tips

Here are some important tips to keep in mind if your home becomes flooded:

  • Flood Cleanup equipmentThe first thing you should do is try and locate the source of the water. Appliances or pipes typically have a shut-off valve. If you cannot find it, shut off the main water valve at the street.
  • Turn the electricity off to prevent accidents. Electrocution is a major concern, so do not try to remove the water with a shop vac or other type of vacuum.
  • Place wood blocks or foil under the legs of furniture.
  • Raise drapes and bedding up and away from the floor.
  • Remove any important papers and other items such as books that could become damaged by moisture.
  • Be careful not to try to soak up the water with anything that could leave a permanent stain such as newspaper.
  • Avoid walking on wet carpet as this will speed up the contamination process.
  • Take photos of the damage before flood cleanup, if possible. This will help greatly when filing a claim with your insurance company
  • Vacate the home and call your insurance company.

Be sure to check out our guide for flooding in Anaheim for additional tips and info.

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