Flooding Guide for Anaheim California

Be prepared for flooding in Anaheim with this guide.

Flooding Guide for Anaheim California

Flood Insurance

Are you covered for damages associated to flooding in your home? Regular, homeowner’s insurance does not cover damage caused by floods. If you’re home is located in a flood hazard area or if you currently have a federally-insured loan it’s important that you purchase flood insurance from your local insurance agent. That’s because FEMA requires that any loans that are Federally-insured be backed by a flood insurance policy.

An elevation certificate will make it easier for your insurance agent to obtain a more accurate flood-rating determination. Learn more about elevation certificates here.

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Know Your Flood Terms

  • Flood Watch – This means that a flood is possible. Tune in to TV, radio or the web to learn more.
  • Flash Flood Watch – A flash flood is possible. Be prepared to move to higher ground should the need arise. Tune in to TV, radio or the web to learn more.
  • Flood Warning – Flooding is either already occurring or will be occurring very soon. Be on the lookout for calls for evacuation. If evacuation is advised, do so immediately.
  • Flash Flood Warning – A flash flood is already occurring. Seek higher ground on foot right away.

Tips for Driving in Flooded Conditions

Driving in flooded conditions is dangerous and should be avoided. However, if you are forced to drive under these conditions, please follow these tips:

  • Water that has reached 6 inches in depth will begin to cause significant loss of control and driving difficulty.
  • A foot of water is too much for many vehicles and will render them inoperable.
  • Two feet of water or more is enough to sweep away most vehicles.

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