Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage is a devastating experience for any residential or commercial property…

Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA

Fire damage is a devastating experience for any residential or commercial property. Not only does the property suffer from the fire but also from smoke, soot and water damage as a result of putting out the fire. If you’ve experienced a fire in your home or commercial property, the experts at Anaheim Restoration Pros can be called upon to provide fire damage restoration in Fontana CA.

Similar to water damage restoration, fire damage restoration ought to be conducted within the first 24 – 48 hours after the tragedy in order to mitigate the resultant damage.

A through fire damage cleanup is necessary in order to prevent the acceleration of the corrosion and deterioration of vital assets and building components. This is accelerated by the smoke damage and acidic soot produced when the fire was extinguished.

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The fire damage restoration process seeks to mitigate the damage caused, provide water removal services as well as smoke and soot damage in order to restore the property to its initial condition. This important process involves the evaluation of the whole property to determine the extent of the damage and find out the items to be replaced or repaired. Immediately after a fire tragedy, people should hire the services of a fire damage repair company to handle all the water, smoke and soot damages as well as get rid of the smoke smell.

Hiring a professional company to provide fire damage restoration in Fontana CA is paramount as they have the technical know-how, the right equipment and technicians to carry out the restoration services fast and professionally. They are able to respond fast and deal with any size of fire disaster to its completion. In case of fire in your business, professional fire damage repair companies will be required to restore it back to its pre-fire state in order to stop the continued loss of productivity and income.

Our Approach to Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA

Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA When a fire tragedy hits your property, you will be overwhelmed by emotions and may be inclined to consider handling the cleaning and repairing work on your own. However, this is not advisable as you cannot restore your property to the best set industry standards that only fire damage restoration experts can. The process of fire damage repair requires a lot of training in order to gain the necessary skills and wide technical knowledge involved in the process.

Here is a highlight of our approach to fire damage restoration in Fontana CA.

  • Securing your property: This is the first and crucial step prior of the fire damage restoration process. It involves the boarding up and tarping all openings in a building to prevent further damage, controlling access and structural bracing.
  • Inspection and taking Stock: The whole property should be evaluated to establish the extent of the damage. This helps in setting restoration priorities and schedules the work properly. The inventory should be thorough and well detailed, including photographs for making insurance claims successfully.
  • Evaluation of loses: the restoration experts will determine the properties that are in good condition, what will be salvaged and the items to be discarded.
  • Cleaning up: the fire tragedy site should be properly cleaned to remove all the broken items, debris and other litter that came about after the fire. This will help in clearing the dangerous compounds that could have been left behind.
  • Mitigating damage: In order to avoid scenarios where insurance companies fail to compensate homeowners due to subsequent damage as a result of soot, water or smoke, they should be eradicated completely. All necessary measures ought to be put in place to completely eradicate all the firefighting water, soot, smoke and smoke cell in a building. Hydroxyl generators, ozone generators and thermal floggers play an integral role in the neutralization of smoke odors and eliminating chemical and biological pollutants. Air scrubbers help in removing all gasses, particles or greases from the air. Dehumidification procedures assist in removing all the excess water and moisture from the site.
  • Restoration of contents: After restoring the building floors and walls, all the furniture and other belongings ought to be cleaned and deodorized. Any items with a smoke smell can undergo ozone deodorization to neutralize these bad smells. Finally all the documents, electronics and business equipment are restored back in the building.
  • Removal of debris: after the whole fire damage restoration process is over, all the waste and debris ought to be removed and disposed properly.

Smoke Damage Restoration

After a fire tragedy, the remaining smoke, ash and soot can cause a number of problems. These issues can crop up in your premises even though the fire was in a neighboring building or forest fires. Smoke is capable of traveling to any place and it penetrates through cracks and tiny openings. It settles on furniture, drapes, carpets, clothing, building surfaces and air ducts. Ash, soot and smoke ought to be removed from a building as they contain toxic chemical compounds.

Smoke is particularly corrosive and can cause extensive damages to metal items that include appliances and electronics hence the need for smoke remediation services. When smoke damage cleaning is done, it should be carried out by the best professionals as it causes more harm if the toxic compounds are forced deeper into the materials. The best smoke treatment procedures should be applied when dealing with porous materials like drapes, carpet, mattresses, clothing and bedding.

Smoke damage restoration should be conducted in the building itself in order to remove smoke and its odor completely. Chemical wipes, dry-ice blasting and baking-soda does the trick. In some instances, sealants can be used to block the smoke odors from escaping. – Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA

Fire Damage Tips

Example of kitchen with fire damageIdeally we want to stop a fire before it starts. But, when we’re faced with a fire outbreak at home or in our business, there’s are some important tips we should follow follow.

  • Open all the windows to reduce remaining smoke when the fire is completely extinguished.
  • Get everybody out including your pets to protect them from being exposed to the toxic materials for their own safety.
  • Empty the refrigerators if there is no power to avoid cleaning spoiled food later and leave it open for mold prevention.Switch off all electric power in wet areas.
  • Notify your insurance provider of the fire outbreak.
  • Do not sit or attempt to clean the wet furniture on your own as special precautions are needed.
  • Avoid walking on soggy or wet carpet.
  • Do not attempt to switch on any electronic appliances.

Not Just Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA

We know that if you’re experiencing fire damage in your home you might be requiring additional, related services to help get your life and property back to it’s original condition. We aspire to be the fire damage repair company that you turn to in Fontana CA in order to find solutions to all of our property’s damage needs. That’s why we also offer water damage restoration, mold removal and other restoration services.

A History in of Fire Damage Restoration in Fontana CA

Anaheim Restoration Pros has been performing fire damage restoration in Fontana CA and it’s surrounding areas for over 20 years. We bring this experience and the knowledge to bare on each and every project. Also, we’re a fully licensed, bonded and insured company.

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