Is Your Basement Flooded?

We discuss what to do in case of a flooded basement.

Do You Have a Flooded Basement?

A flooded basement is a situation that should be addressed promptly. Basement flood cleanup is vital to preventing the formation of black mold. Basements are more prone to flooding because they are partially underground. They can become flooded due to heavy rains or because drainage is not sufficient.

Any flooded carpets in your basement will need to be removed so that the drying-out process can begin. Anything made of cardboard or other porous material should be removed. Drywall will need to be cut out and replaced. Sometimes if there is water standing in the basement, it will need to be pumped out before you can remove other items.

Flood cleanup for your basement is best handled by a professional because electricity and a flooded basement can be a lethal combination. Mold and bacteria will begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours if your home is not totally dry. Remaining moisture, particularly in a basement, can also lead to structural damage. The longer water remains in a basement or any other part of your home, the more cleanup is going to cost.

Have a look at our guide for tips on dealing with water damage.

So, whether you have a flooded basement or are experiencing sever water damage problems such as those caused by the 1938 Anaheim Flood, the certified experts at Anaheim Restoration Pros can take care of all your flood repair needs. Be sure to check out our flood guide here.

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